Rarely have I heard small business owners or entrepreneurs say “I can’t wait to start my business so I can do my books.” It is easy to lose track of the financial state of your business. Data entry is time consuming. Accounting and Bookkeeping software can be mystifying resulting in double entries and upside down balances and when done inaccurately impacts how you calculate your bottom line.

Don’t be embarrassed if your current bookkeeping consists of a shoebox full of receipts, a folder full of invoices and a collection of numbers rattling around in your head or a handful of handwritten financial notes, an Excel spreadsheet and an incomplete QuickBooks™ report. We’ve seen it all!

We enjoy helping small businesses clean up their bookkeeping systems and bringing them up-to-date. We focus on determining the most cost-effective approach to reuniting your business goals with your financial records and our Catch Up and Clean Up Services make that union complete.


This process includes:

  • Bank, loan, lines of credit, and credit card accounts
  • Accounts receivable
  • accounts payable accounts
  • Asset and liability accounts
  • Payroll records
  • Sales tax accounts and reporting
  • Equity accounts to accurately record ownership
  • Enter missing data
  • Reorganize Chart of Accounts to facilitate financial management through effective reporting
  • Create or complete asset schedules to facilitate tax and insurance fillings
  • Optimize QuickBooks™ software utilization for existing software set-up