QuickBooks has recently added a feature to QB that allows QB Community of Users to share reports across the Internet. The following is a quick “How to” discovered in a QB training session that may prove beneficial to your business – remember, if you need help with reports or anything QB, just call Guardian!

Improved! Contributed Reports

Information Contributed by Esther Freidberg Karp, MBA President, EFK Compubooks Inc. www.e-compubooks.com

(Version QuickBooks Pro and Up)

What this feature does: Shared report templates allow users to share their own custom report templates with other QuickBooks users as well as to make use of other users’ report templates from cloud. They will also have ability to provide, review and see ratings on the reports template and search the right template from the cloud.

How to access it:

1. Access these reports by selecting Reports > Contributed Reports.

There, the user will be able to browse various report categories, and select and download report templates that are useful. In this screen the popularity and ratings of the various contributed reports.

2. In order to contribute a report template, the user must memorize a report. Once it is memorized, the Share Template button will appear at the top of the report:

3. Once Share Template is selected, the Share Template window opens up with informational fields to complete upon sharing this report template with other QuickBooks users in the clouds.

How does this improve your clients’ efficiency? At the time of this writing, there are about 1,300 reports available to share. Each report has a unique ID code (viewed by selecting Info under an individual report listing) and so an accounting professional can tell his or her client which report to mark as a favorite (instead of having to create the template and send it to the client.) This feature is cool because users don’t have to recreate the wheel; very often if there is a custom report need, someone else has created it in the past. This is a wonderful “Wiki” type of repository of accumulated reporting knowledge. A user cannot download a report template that he or she does not have user rights to access for that data file.

What pain does this feature solve? It solves the pain of having to create fancy reports from scratch. Let the hard work already done by someone else benefit you. Accountants do not have to create the template and send it to the client; they can tell the client which template to mark as a favorite.

Who should use it? Anyone with reporting needs that are not out of the QuickBooks box should use it.